December 28th, 2012

Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes

Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes

Wanna win an awesome prize? Here’s a HUGE list of Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes for your chance to win amazing prizes. Oh and if you’re lucky enough to win a prize, go post a pic on our Facebook Wall so you can show off your win with all our fans. Good Luck! 😀

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Instant Win Games

  • Lucky Charms IWG
    • 15,000 Winners | Ends 9/17/19
    • To get your free entry code, click on the ”Where can I find a code?” link then click the ”Click here” link at the bottom. They’ll email you the free code.
    • You may play once per day.



You may feel lucky, after hearing LOTS of Coupon Pro readers are winning prizes everyday:

“I just won a prize pack in the Coke/Mcdonalds prize pack. Thanks!” – Vana, Coupon Pro reader, June 2018

“Thanks Coupon Pro. I seem to have won the Game Day sweepstakes. This is what arrived at my house today. First time I won something. Included is a rolling insulated cooler, selfie stick and many other goodies. Thanks again for your amazing posts. 😀📦” Cindy, Coupon Pro reader, January 2016

“I got an email today telling me that I won a $25 Fandango gift card from the Heineken Plot Your Party Promotion! Yay!!”Farrah, Coupon Pro reader, December 2015

“I think I read about the Scotties Trees Rock contest here. Today I got a $25 Walmart gift card in the mail. Thanks so much!” – Rena, Coupon Pro reader, December 2015

“I was an instant Snickers IWG winner. You won 2 Tickets to a 2016-2017 Season NFL game” – Brooke, Coupon Pro reader, September 2015

“It’s arrived! the X-Box One with Kinect from the Mars Big Night In Game! My husband is giddy! My kids are ecstatic! Granted, my 4 year old found the most fun part to be pretending the shipping box was a car, but I digress.Thank you for sharing!” – Mary Beth, Coupon Pro reader, March 2015

“I’m the grand prize winner for the turn and burn Red Box sweepstakes. I won a xrocker 2 chair, two video games, [and] a 55 inch sony tv with a sound system!” Brooke, Coupon Pro reader, August 2014

“RO! Did your site advertise the IWG through sprite? I won a trip!” Danielle, Coupon Pro reader, January 2014

“Hi!  I just wanted to thank you for your posts!  I entered through your link and am one of the grand prize winners of the summer Dunkin Donuts Rocks Sweepstakes!  I’m leaving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles [today]!  I attached the prize notification for you to see.  Sorry there’s so many exclamation marks, I’m really excited!  Thank you!!!” – Patty, Coupon Pro reader, January 2014

“I won an AMP Energy snowboard today from the instant win game!” Laura, Coupon Pro reader, December 2013

“I’m a First Prize winner of the Ore-Ida Sweepstakes! That’s a $500 Visa Gift Card! Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for posting these awesome Sweeps and IWG’s!!!”  Bailey, Coupon Pro reader, December 2013

“Today was a amazing day for iwg. Zippo lighter, 25.00 e card, ion idj2go, and tickets for 2 on a bahama cruise. Thank you for all the chances you and everyone post.” Dawn, Coupon Pro reader, November 2013

Thank you Coupon Pro. I just got in the mail my “free years worth of chocolate milk!”Alyson, Coupon Pro reader, November 2013

I just won a fossil watch (ARV up to $135) from the Toshiba contest!!!!! woot woot – Christy, Coupon Pro reader, September 2013

I just won from Keurig! – Jennifer, Coupon Pro reader, August 2013

I have recently won a DDrocks prize of a rock paper photo, a Best Buy NOS $17.00 gift card, and a Zyrtec $25.00 gift card to Amazon. Thanks so much, Ro!! – Susie, Coupon Pro reader, August 2013

I finally received my prize from Yucatan Guacamole…an iPad today!!! They also sent a great burlap bag and 6 coupons for free Guac!!! WOOHOO! – Leah, Coupon Pro reader, June 2013

I just won 12 assorted 6oz cups of Chobani! Thanks for posting it!! – Jill, Coupon Pro reader, May 2013

Won $500 gift card from Family Time! And $20 from Winn Dixie-lays! – Shawna, Coupon Pro reader, March 2013

Holy cow! I just won an iPod Shuffle! Woot-woot! – Suzanne, Coupon Pro reader, February 2013

I won an iPod Shuffle yesterday and $20 iTunes GC today! – Geri, Coupon Pro reader, February 2013

I won a 60″ sharp smart HDTV in the dream big win bigger sweepstakes! – Teresa, Coupon Pro reader, January 2013

Just received a nice surprise win from UPS – a year’s supply of Starbucks k-cups, from a sweeps back in Sept that you posted. Thanks!! – Kelly, Coupon Pro reader, December 2012

Just got an email that I won the Doctor Oz Oral B toothbrush! – Jessica, Coupon Pro reader, December 2012