July 22nd, 2023

A&W Root Beer Settlement: FREE Payment if You Qualify

Have you purchased A&W Root Beer between February 7th, 2016 and June 2nd, 2023? If so, you may submit a claim to qualify for a FREE check from this A&W Root Beer Settlement! No proof of purchase gives you $5.50 per household ($.50 per unit) or with proof of purchase gives up to $25 per household. Please do not fill out the form if you never purchased these products! Keep in mind, this may take months or years to payout.

This settlement is about Keurig Dr Pepper, parent company of A&W, misleadingly labeled beverages as containing aged vanilla when they are actually made using ethyl vanillin, an artificial vanilla flavoring.

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  • Elizabeth Johnson July 23, 2023, 2:40 PM

    I definitely purchase this room here but that is not something that’s going to kill me and this makes me so sad that people would turn down a business for something like this. I’m not going to buy the settlement.

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